Kawasaki Big Bore Kits


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13001-3701, 13001-3705, 13001-3714, 13001-3704, 13001-3020, 13001-3023, 13001-3741, 13001-3740, 13001-3738, 13001-3737, 13001-3731, 13001-3730, 13001-3736, 13001-3734,

Fuel Kits

Big Bore Fuel Pump and IN Tank Regulator for SXR and STX 160, Big Bore Fuel Pump and IN Tank Regulator for 15F/ LX

KP Big Bore Kits are a premium kit to increase engine displacement. Bore is increased from 83mm to 86mm which will just about turn your 1.5L powerhouse into a 1.6L. Pistons are forged with our premium ring pack, premium head gaskets and a bored out premium Nikasil Cylinder. That’s right! No cast iron sleeves, these are Nikasil. Add extra Horsepower to your race or daily machine! Extra fuel needed. Cylinder core required. N/A Kits have an option to add the appropriate parts to upgrade the fuel system. All kits REQUIRE 93 Octane Fuel unless you request another compression ratio!)

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