Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Ultra 250/260/LX 2007-2009 (59406-3780)       

12F/15F/STX 160   2007-2021    OEM

250/260/LX   2007-2009

250/260/LX 2007-2009 (59406-3781)      $111.70

300/310/LX 2010-2021 (59406-0004)      $131.50

STX 160 OEM                                          $177.67

250/260/LX (2007-2009) 12F/15F/STX 160 (2000-2021)                     $41.00

SXR 1500 All Years                                      $17.99




Kawasaki Steering Cable Ends

​(Aftermarket High Quality, High Strength Stainless Steel.)

KP High Strength Steering Cable Kit

(Comes with Beefy High Strength Cable, High Strength cable ends, stainless ball Joint, and High strength steering connection.)

15F/12F 2003-2019 (59406-3778)

Ultra 300/310/LX 2010-2021 (59406-0003)

250/260/LX/300/310 2007-2021                       $17.99


250/260/LX    2007-2009                      $226.41



STX 160                                              COMING SOON!

Kawasaki Steering Cable

(Quality replacement steering for OEM setup. Replacement cables are just as good as OEM!



SXR 1500 OEM Cable (59406-0006)

12F/15F/STX 160 2000-2021                       $17.99

STX 160 OEM Cable (59406-0007)


Kawasaki Reverse Cable

260/LX/300/310/SXR 1500      2010-2021

12F/15F/STX 160    2000-2021

Kawasaki Reverse Cable End

(Aftermarket High Quality Brass. 2 required, one for the rear by bucket, one for the handle.)

Kawasaki Steering Cable End

(Aftermarket made of high quality brass)

250/260/LX/300/310     2007-2021


Steering Cable Seal Kit

(Comes with new nut, washer, clip and o-ring. This setup fits both steering and reverse. Please note each kit covers one cable!)

260/LX/300/310 (2010-2021) 12F/15F/STX 160 (2000-2021)                     $35.00

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