Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Thank you for visiting KawiPerformance.com! Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there is a worldwide shortage of watersport parts. Please expect delays with your order. Understand that we are working extra hard in our warehouse to ensure a safe, effective and accurate delivery. While we know you are excited and anxious to get on the water, (we all are too!), please refrain from calling/emailing about order status, as it takes time away from our employees from fulfilling all orders and assisting other customers. To ensure all customers have a fair opportunity to purchase parts and to cover our shipping costs (Since many parts are coming from overseas due to no inventory in the USA), we are currently not accepting order cancellations. Please make sure your order is correct and inventory is available before placing your order. If you are unsure about inventory of your item, please email us at info@kawiperformance.com. We promise, we will get you out on the water, and we truly appreciate all of our loyal customers! ALL orders are currently taking 5-7 Business days to ship when in stock!


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