Pump Upgrade Kit 148mm


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Basic Kit, Full Kit

Pump Fitment

2012+ Pump, 2003-2005 Pump, 2006-2011 Pump

Kawasaki 1500 NA 148mm Pump Upgrade Instructions


Here at KP we have redesigned the entire 148mm jet pump. The Kawasaki design is good, but there is nothing to prevent the pump shaft from shoving into the engine. This upgrade kit will not only protect your engine from pump failure, it is also significantly stronger, more precise, and increases pump stability. This kit includes a premium bearing, precision cones, premium o-rings, grade 8 nut, and to tie it together a precision ground shaft which is heat treated and threads dipped in Moly Lube. The cone is also redesigned to give you additional RPM and less cavitation. These kits are much stronger than the Kawasaki setup, and are designed for the everyday rider and racer. The basic kit below comes with just the shaft, bearing, o-rings and cones. The full Kit comes with everything to upgrade and rebuild the pump (Comes with grease syringe), besides the spline tool you will need here. Designed and manufactured exclusively by KP. Installation video here:

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