Kawasaki Lost Key Reprogramming



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This is a service where we save your key information, just in case you loose the keys again. We can quickly and cheaply make you a replacement key if lost again.

Fleet Key

Have multiple machines? We can make all machines use the same keys. We will need those keys. This service only covers the quantity of keys you purchase. For example, if you choose a 2 key service, we can match 2 keys (usually 1 fast, one Slow)

Product price: $299.99
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Lost all of your keys? We’ve got your back! Yes, we can definitely program new ones for you, no new ECU needed! Please follow the directions below! If you require specific color combinations or fleet keys, please contact us!



Choose the service below, complete your purchase and ship in receipt with your ECU to the address below. Lead time is 5-7 Business days depending on work load:

ATTN: Tuning Department

68 Lamar St Suite D

West Babylon, NY 11704

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