Kawasaki Life Vests


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
OEM Part #

K300-7525-PKLG, K300-7525-PKSM, K302-7526-BKXS, K302-7526-BKSM, K302-7526-BKMD, K302-7526-BKLG, K302-7526-BKXL, K302-7526-BK2X, K302-7526-BK3X, K302-7526-BK4X, K302-7526-GYXS, K302-7526-GYMD, K302-7526-GYLG, K302-7526-GYXL, K302-7526-GY4X, K303-7532-GYXS, K303-7532-GYSM, K303-7532-GYMD, K303-7532-GYLG, K303-7532-GYXL, K303-7532-GY2X, K303-7532-GY3X, K303-7532-GY4X, K300-7525-RDSM, K300-7525-RD2X, K302-7528-GYSM, K302-7528-GYLG, K302-7528-GY2X, K302-7530-TLSM, K302-7530-TLLG, K302-7530-TL2X, K300-7524-GNSM, K300-7524-GNLX, K303-7531-GDSM, K303-7531-GDLG, K303-7531-GD2X

Some of the nicest life vests in the industry!! There is only a limited supply, we recommend ordering as early as possible or putting a vest on backorder to ship once available. Side mounts are very difficult to stock!!

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