Kawasaki 250/260 N/A Conversion Kit


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KP Ultra 250 260 Naturally Aspirated Conversion Kit Instructions


Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing supercharger parts with our revolutionary Supercharger Conversion Kit. Transform your 250/260 effortlessly into a naturally aspirated powerhouse, all without the need for any motor modifications. Our user-friendly installation process ensures a seamless transition, offering a refreshing change to your watercraft dynamics.

Key Features:

  • Simple Transformation: Tired of dealing with supercharger maintenance? Our kit allows you to effortlessly convert your 250/260 to a naturally aspirated setup, eliminating the need for complex motor work.
  • Easy Installation: With a straightforward installation process, even those without extensive mechanical experience can enjoy a hassle-free upgrade.
  • Custom Conversion Tune: To maximize performance, we provide a specialized conversion tune for your ECU. Simply ship us your ECU, and our experts will handle the rest.
  • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Experience a new dimension of riding with the naturally aspirated setup. Enjoy a smoother and controlled ride that doesn’t compromise on power.
  • Max Speed: Following the conversion, achieve a top speed of approximately 50mph, offering a balance between exhilaration and safety.

Revitalize your watercraft experience with our Supercharger Conversion Kit. Escape the cycle of supercharger part replacements and embrace a new level of ease and performance.

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