Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

KP Bushing Upgrade Kit  $179.99

Inlet           $13.70 ea.

Outlet        $4.75 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Stainless Steel Tensioner Upgrade Bolts

KP 304SS Idler Pulley $150.00 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Stainless Steel Supercharger Upgrade Bolts

(Comes will all replacement bolts on supercharger. Does not come with barbs.)


Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Supercharger Rebuild Kit

(Premium Quality OEM High Speed Bearings for up to 22,000 RPM. Kit includes a revised KP oil Plug made of 316 Stainless Steel for easy removal and installation in salt water. Also included, High Speed Waterproof Needle Bearing Grease for additional lubrication. (Bearings come with minimal grease from the factory.)

AFTERMARKET   $40.00 ea.


OEM $58.05

Precision Stainless Bearing and Hardware $649.19


**Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 KP Stainless Steel Idler Pulley**

(Tired of your OEM pulley corroding and pitting on you? Well, here at KP we have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION! A HIGH STRENGTH MARINE GRADE STAINLESS PULLEY WITH STAINLESS BEARING. These pulleys are extra hard to prevent wear, while providing a non slip surface for the belt. Aluminum idler pulleys are much softer, they will pit and corrode, they will wear from the belt, and you can only replace bearings a limited number of times. These are made to last forever! Comes with a precision stainless bearing installed. Bearings are replaceable as many times as needed. **NOTE: Can only be used with KP stainless bearings (Steel bearings will rust, and damage the bore)**. Lightweight design for quick spool time, slip resistance and racing conditions.)

$13.50 ea.


Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 NEW OEM Tensioner Assembly

OEM With Precision Stainless Bearing $88.00


OEM $607.00


With KP SS Idler $525.00 ea.

KP Powdercoated Replacement $27.50 ea.

KP OEM With 316SS Grease Fitting          $268.50

KP Upgraded Spring   $449.29

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Stainless Steel Supercharger Mount Bolts

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Supercharger Oil Plug

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310x Automatic Tensioner Replacement Bearing

Steel Precision Bearing   $23.50 ea.

Stainless Precision Bearing   $62.00 ea

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Automatic Tensioner Spring ​44071-0776


OEM KP With Precision Stainless Bearing and Idler Bolt          $338.50


Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 KP OEM Tensioner Pulley (Idler)

(OEM and KP Powdercoated Replacement are both steel pulleys. OEM rust very quickly, the powdercoating does last longer. The stainless steel idler will not rust! They will never need replacement, as long as you regularly replace the bearing. Super light, hard and durable. KP Lightweight Aluminum Idlers are made for racing. They come with a premium stainless steel Japanese bearing and stainless steel snap ring. Since these are made from aluminum, they do have a limited lifespan.)

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 KP Automatic Tensioner Arm

(Tired of the Kawasaki design failing on you over and over? We are too! KP has completely redesigned this tensioner to deliver the reliability, super quick reaction time, and premium quality we all need. These are made from billet aluminum with a Black Hard Coat. With 303 Stainless Steel washers, 303 SS bushing, 304SS snap rings, Vitons seals with 316SS springs, and stainless steel bearings! This tensioner will push an additional 5-10 pounds on your belt to reduce wear and slipping. This is virtually maintenance free. Does not come with a pulley.)

KP 304SS


Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Stage 6 Supercharger Pulley

(KP Stealth series supercharger pulley is the pulley that DOMINATES ALL! Made of Super High Strength Aircraft Grade Billet 7075 T75 Aluminum, with a military spec black marine coating for optimal performance, belt wear and corrosion resistance. This pulley has an extremely thin racing profile that has extremely quick spool time, extremely low inertia and INSANE throttle response! Boost pressure is increased 5+ PSI over what you have stock! This pulley requires premium race fuel or E-85. Our high volume fuel pump and rising rate fuel pressure regulator is required with this pulley. This kit also requires at minimum forged pistons, head studs, and spring kit to handle the extra horsepower. You can view the full engine kit here. This is the 80+ MPH pulley we have all been waiting for! Kit comes with Stage 6 Pulley, Shims, Bolts, OEM Idler, belt and coupling. An AFR gauge and fuel pressure gauge will be necessary for tuning. ECU tuning may be needed as well. Limited pulleys are available.)

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Tensioner Rebuild Kit

(Comes with a replacement stainless steel idler bearing, two new tensioner bushings, and stainless steel hardware.)





Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Supercharger Belt

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Stainless Steel Intake Manifold Bolt Kit

(High Quality Stainless, NO RUSTING!)

Spring Holder Tool   $14.99


KP Lightweight Aluminum Pulleys! Choose your color from the featured below.

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Supercharger Gaskets

(Aftermarket Gaskets.)

OEM $244.30

Replacement Steel Idler $100.00

Replacement SS Idler     $200.00

OEM   $83.71 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 NEW OEM Automatic Tensioner Arm With Pulley

(KP only offers tensioners with the grease fitting. This is for everyone riding in salt water as well as fresh water. No more tensioner failures if they are regularly greased!)


KP Powdercoated Replacement

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Idler Pulley Bolt

KP Lightweight Aluminum Pulley 84.99 ea.

OEM                                $14.30

KP Complete SS Setup     $15.50

With KP Steel Idler $425.00 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Stage 3 Supercharger Pulley

(Made of High Strength Billet Aluminum, with a military spec marine coating for optimal performance, belt wear and corrosion resistance. The pulley is designed to take anything you throw at it. Also acts as a heat sink at high RPM, removing frictional heat away from the belt. Boost pressure is knocked up +3 PSI over what you have stock! Less than 100mm diameter. Must be used with 93 Octane gasoline minimally. Extra boost is within safe limits of supercharger operation. Kit comes with a CNC Machined Lightweight High Strength Stealth Series Pulley, Idler installation tool, and a new steel Idler pulley that MUST be used with this pulley. These pulleys work great with our fuel tuner for those that do not want to touch the ecu (Please View Fuel Tuning PDF Here!) and AFR gauge which you can find in electronics. Or Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator for the best performance. This is for the safest operation. If you would like an ECU tune we have a few different options. Please visit electronics as well. Pulley Install Directions Click Here!)

$325.00 ea. 

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 OEM Size Supercharger Pulley

(This is an OEM size supercharger pulley to replace the stock pulley, made of High Strength Billet Aluminum. It is lighter than the OEM steel pulley, which reduces spool time and dissipates heat much quicker. Low Inertia pulley! Kit comes with a CNC Machined Lightweight High Strength Pulley. Install Directions Click Here!)

Kawasaki Ultra 300x 310x Eaton Supercharger Parts and Upgrades

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