Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Full Kit

Single or Double Bearing Setup 

(For older and newer 12F/15F machines)

Ultra 300/310

Basic Kit

Kawasaki 15F 12F and SXR 1500 Pump Upgrade Kit  

(Here at KP we have redesigned the entire jet pump system of the 15F. The Kawasaki design is good, but there is nothing to prevent the pump shaft from shoving into the engine. This upgrade kit will not only protect your engine from pump failure, it is also significantly stronger, more precise, and increases pump stability. This kit includes a premium Japanese bearing, precision cones, premium o-rings, grade 8 nut, and to tie it together a precision ground shaft which is heat treated and threads dipped in Moly Lube. The cone is also redesigned to give you additional RPM and less cavitation. These kits are much stronger than the Kawasaki setup, and are designed for the everyday rider and racer. The basic kit below comes with just the shaft, bearing, o-rings and cones. The full Kit comes with everything to upgrade and rebuild the pump (Comes with grease syringe).)

15F/SXR/STX 160

Socket For Upgrade

Single Bearing Setup 

(For 15F machines

2011 and older. For 04-05 pumps, please read above.)

Ultra LX KP W/ SKAT Impeller

Ultra 250/260 KP

Solas 13/19 Impeller (Older model 15F Impeller)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an early 2004 through 2005 15F, these are a 12F pumps. For a full kit, these require different bushing and seals. Please let us know in your order or contact us at info@kawiperformance.com.

Ultra 300 KP W/ SKAT Impeller

Kawasaki Ultra 250X 260X 300X 310X, Ultra LX, 15F, 12F, SXR 1500 NEW Jet Pump Assembled

(Brand NEW OEM jet pump assembled ready to bolt on! Comes with all necessary gaskets, o-rings, impeller all torqued to spec. Does not come with manifold, barbs, bolts or nose cone. Please contact us with your choice of impeller otherwise it will come with stock pitch. Comes with brand new Solas impeller, and your choice of KP or OEM internals. ALL NEW 250-310 PUMPS ONLY COME WITH THE DOUBLE BEARING AND REAR NUT UPGRADE! 15F PUMPS ONLY COME WITH THE DOUBLE BEARING! All KP pumps come standard with the KP racing shafts which are much stronger than OEM.)

Ultra LX KP

2005-2017 12F/15F/SXR+STX 1500 OEM

(No nut)

KP 250/260/300/310/LX   $27.99 ea.

$22.00 ea.

Ultra LX 2007-2022              $496.05


Skat Trak 16/21

(Premium impeller made right here in the USA, made of 17-4 PH SS which is much harder and stronger than what Solas uses.)



OEM With Seal Bushing 2012+     $241.99

Kawasaki Ultra 250X 260X 300X 310X LX 15F SXR Jet Pump Nose Cone Parts

(Brand new OEM. The SXR and 15F have a different cone and bolts, the rest is the same. If you require bolts, choose the below bolts with your 15F/SXR cone and we will include the correct hardware. 2007-2010 15F use 11065 cone.)




92055B       $2.95

11065       $46.99

92055C     $2.95

11012       $11.60

410 + 92153    $8.99/Set

Newer Dual Bearing Design

(2012+ or Upgraded Housing)



Skat Trak 14/21

(Premium impeller made right here in the USA, made of 17-4 PH SS which is much harder and stronger than what Solas uses.)



KP With Seal Bushing 2006-2011      $113.99

Ultra 250/260


Kawasaki Rear Pump Case Bearing

(2004-2006,2011, 2012-2018 15F/SXR Bearing gets pressed into the cone. 2007-2010 15F/SXR Use 250/260 case bearing.)

Solas 14/20 Impeller


Aftermarket  $11.52 ea.

Ultra LX 2007-2022

10/16 pitch for stock replacement. For better acceleration, a modified impeller is necessary. Please contact us!


Old Model 250/260 O-Ring   $3.38 ea.


KP    $31.99 ea.

Kawasaki Grease Seal Bushing

(KP replacements are made to last longer than OEM)

OEM 250/260/300/310/LX                          $101.61 ea.

Aftermarket 250/260/300/310/LX                $85.00 ea.

KP Racing Shaft 250/260/300/310LX       $149.99 ea.

OEM   $26.34 ea.

OEM With Seal Bushing 2006-2011      $197.99

Complete OEM Kit       $377.99

2005-2017 12F/15F/SXR+STX 1500

With KP Upgrade (With Nut)

2005-2017 12F/15F/SXR+STX 1500 KP

(No nut)



Ultra 300/310 OEM

KP Kit       $329.99

OEM 15F/SXR/160   $37.18 ea.

Kawasaki Jet Pump Trim Seal

(All aftermarket)



Premium Japanese Aftermarket 15F/SXR/160   $8.43 ea.

New Style Single Cone     

(Fits all years and models 250/260/300/310/LX)

Skat Trak 10/16 (2007-2022 Ultra LX)

(Premium impeller made right here in the USA, made of 17-4 PH SS which is much harder and stronger than what Solas uses.)

Ultra 310 KP W/ SKAT Impeller


Kawasaki Impeller boot

(Fits all models 2007-2017 250/260/300/310/LX/SXR/15F. We do not offer Solas aluminum boots, although they look good, they do not stay in the impeller long. OEM boots will not fit any impeller but OEM!)

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX High Strength Impeller Nut Grade 8

(KP 2007-2017)

Ultra 250/260 OEM

Kawasaki 12F/SXR/15F/160 Impeller Upgrades 148mm

(New Solas. Great for the NEW SXR-1500!)

2004-2006, 2011 15F Aftermarket  $45.74

2007-2010 15F Aftermarket   $55.95

15F/SXR/160 2012+ OEM   $101.61

15F/SXR/STX 160 2012+ KP Racing     $139.99

15F/SXR/STX 160 2012+ Aftermarket    $72.65


Ultra 250/260 KP W/ SKAT Impeller

For OEM Impeller   $3.80 ea.

Solas Impeller   $7.50 ea.


Solas 12F, 15F, SXR/ 160 1500 Pump        $1,554.99




Ultra 300

15F/SXR/STX 160 2012+ KP Racing

15F/SXR Cone (11065) $54.05

OEM 250/260/300/310/LX   $31.62 ea.

Solas 148mm Pump with 14/21 Solas impeller, nose cone and trim seal. All assembled ready to drop in. This is a premium performance pump that will fit all 12F, 15F and SXR 1500 years and models. It is equipped with 12 veins vs the 6 veins in the OEM pump. Much more aggressive acceleration, intense bite from a stop and 2-4 mph gain depending on the mods you have. KP recommends using the forged 12.5:1 performance piston with this pump to increase the RPM to gain even more acceleration and top speed. 


$3.38 ea.

OEM Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX   $21.99 ea.

KP With Seal Bushing      $157.99

Kawasaki OEM Jet Pump Case Bearing

(Fits ALL Kawasaki models. KP bearings are made in Japan to the same standards as OEM. They have shown to last just as long.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX/SXR/15F Impeller Shaft

(KP racing shaft 250-310 Will only fit 250/260/LX models as an upgrade and Ultra LX 2012 and newer. The KP Racing shaft is much stronger than OEM. The KP Racing Shaft is made from premium high strength Stainless Steel. These are made for both stock applications to all out race machines If you have ever had a shaft break, this shaft is for you! These shafts are made to hold under extreme load and have minimal deflection during turns at full throttle. ALL KP Racing shafts also have a one step hex, so there is no need to flip the pump over during installation.)



Stock Engine: Solas Impeller 14/21 pitch for upgraded overall performance over OEM Impeller (Best 15F/SXR/160 impeller pitch. 

Modified Engine: Solas Impeller 15/22 pitch for modified engine. Big boost in low end "BITE", acceleration and top end, but you need additional HP to turn it.


15F/SXR/160 2005-2022                     $422.55

Aftermarket Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX   $11.84 ea.

Solas 12/18 Impeller

Ultra 250/260 and Ultra LX   $34.99

Ultra 300/310   $26.99

KP Racing Shaft 250/260/300/310LX   

Ultra LX OEM

15F/12F/SXR     $23.99

OEM    $38.81 ea.

Kawasaki Impeller Shaft O-Ring

(Fits all ultra 250/260/LX models with the upgrade, All 300/310 Models, All 2012+ 15F/SXR models. For all other years or older designs, you will require the fatter o-ring. Please choose the second option.)

Ultra 300/310 KP




2005-2017 12F/15F/SXR+STX 1500 With KP Upgrade (With Nut) W/ SKAT Impeller

KP 15F/SXR/160   $34.99 ea.

Ultra 310

OEM With Seal Bushing      $242.99


Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX

KP With Seal Bushing 2012+     $151.99

Kawasaki Jet Pump Oil Seal

(Fits all models 2007-2017 250/260/300/310/LX/SXR/15F. Aftermarket seals are identical to OEM.)

Skat Trak 14/21

(Premium impeller made right here in the USA, made of 17-4 PH SS which is much harder and stronger than what Solas uses.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250X 260X 300X 310X and Ultra LX NEW Jet Pump Housing

(Brand new OEM jet pump. All Pumps are the newest updated versions. 15F Pumps are interchangeable with the years below, they are made for the double bearing setup.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250X 260X 300X 310X 15F SXR 160 and Ultra LX Pump Rebuild Kit  

(Jet pump rebuild kit and upgrade for the Kawasaki ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x jet skis. Comes with new bearings, seals, o-rings and the best high performance marine grease available now in an easy syringe! We HIGHLY recommend upgrading 250/260 pumps if you have not already! Comes with clear instructions with pictures. If you prefer us to perform the rebuild, please contact us for more information. 2006-2011 kits come with one main pump bearing.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x Jet Pump Parts



Kawasaki Ultra 300/310X Impeller Upgrades 160mm​​

Stock Engine: Solas Impeller 14/21 pitch for upgraded overall performance over OEM


Highly Modified Engine: Solas Impeller 15/22 pitch for highly modified engine. You need additional HP to make use of this Impeller. +40HP




Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/LX Impeller Upgrades 155mm

Stock Engine: Solas Impeller 16/21 pitch for upgraded overall performance over OEM

Impeller. Will increase acceleration slightly with about the same overall top end.

Slightly modified engine: Solas Impeller 15/23 pitch for upgraded overall performance over OEM impeller. This impeller is made for skis with slight modification, such as exhaust, intake, intercooler bypass etc. Will be a noticeable increase in acceleration with the increased horsepower, with a possible few mph gain in top end.

Highly Modified Engine: Solas Impeller 16/24 pitch for highly modified engine. This

impeller is made for skis with upgrades such as, high compression pistons, computer upgrades, supercharger pulley upgrades, and any other modifications that significantly increase engine output. Will be a vigorous increase in acceleration and upwards of a few mph gain in top end. This impeller puts extra stress on the engine, the upgraded shaft is a MUST with this impeller.

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x and Ultra LX Pump Upgrade Kit  

(Here at KP we have recognized that the old pump design can cause catastrophic failure if a bearing fails from water intrusion, rocks or wear. This is a known issue on the 250s and 260s. This upgrade kit will not only protect your engine from pump failure, it is also less strain on your engine due to its design. Comes with a new shaft, bearings, seals, o-rings, nut, snap ring, coupling, detailed instruction manual and the best high performance marine grease available! Be careful of other kits that are cheaper and come with fewer parts or inferior quality, this is the only HIGH QUALITY complete rebuild kit on the market! OEM main bearings (These are premium), KP one step Racing Pump shaft, KP Bushing, 316SS Snap Ring, Premium Aftermarket seals and KP grade 8 nut (Stronger than OEM), Aftermarket rear bearing, and KP O-Rings come with this kit. We have tested these kits vigorously and they perform, last longer than OEM parts and are much stronger. If you prefer complete OEM parts with this kit, please see below! Comes with clear, detailed instructions with pictures and grease syringe. If you prefer us to perform the rebuild, please see above. NOW COMES WITH KP GREASE SYRINGE FOR CLEANER AND EASIER INSTALLATION!)

Old Shaft Design Only Holds 1 Front Bearing And No Nut On Rear

New Shaft Design Holds 2 Front Bearings With Nut On Rear That Prevents Shaft From Pushing Backwards

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