Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

How do I know if my impeller needs repair?

When you have the pump out of your ski, you can check the pump tolerances with a feeler gauge. If it is out of spec, this could be wear on the impeller. It is also very common to have large chunks or dings in your impeller from stones and sand. This can cause a loss in performance, and should be repaired. Please contact us for repair questions and pricing!

What can an aftermarket impeller give me over stock?

If you have a stock machine, you can definitely benefit from an aftermarket impeller. Just slightly changing the pitch can dramatically increase your acceleration and top end. Of course this is only limited to engine horsepower. The more bolt on modifications, and engine modifications you have, the more vigorous of an impeller you can have. We recommend checking out our Solas impellers, which can give you that added kick out of your ski. If you would like a custom pitch for a custom project, no problem! Give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Is my stock impeller the best?

A stock impeller is a very good overall impeller. It has great low end and top end, depending on your riding style. That impeller is designed to do exactly that. Depending on what you are looking for and your modifications, a stock impeller just might not be enough. You may need something with a little more kick, and top end!

What is an impeller?

An impeller is the part that rotates in the water, and pushes you through the water. The impellers on the Kawasaki Ultra jet skis are made of stainless steel. The thin design of the stainless steel allows for a thinner, stronger impeller. As your impeller rotates, it moves a certain volume of water per revolution. The amount of water it moves, will depend on the pitch.

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x Impeller Repair/ Repitching

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