Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Racing Injectors

kawasaki fuel fitting

$16.99 ea.

$22.00 ea.

Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator

(Fits 12f, 15f, LX, 250, 260 ALL YEARS. Stock replacement if yours has failed.)


OEM STX 160   $622.99  

$950.00/ Kit

120+ LPH            $275.00 ea.

Kawasaki 12F 15F Ultra 250 260 LX Fuel Rail Adapter Kit

(Tired of the stock cast aluminum fuel rail corroding or injectors getting stuck in the rail? Here at KP, we have the ultimate solution! Our CNC Milled adapter plate will mount to any older model machine 12F, 15F, LX and Ultra 250/260. The fuel rail supplied with this kit is durable Nylon that will not corrode! No more stuck injectors, no more corroded aluminum, and benefit from near perfect fuel metering to each injector. Comes with the adapter plate, Nylon fuel rail, all SS hardware required, Fuel line and aluminum spacers.)

kawasaki fuel line

Digital   $275.00

Fuel Pressure Gauge

(Fits all models. Made to fit no modifications required, plug and play for tuning of all sorts or checking for correct fuel pressure. Disconnect when tuning is complete or leave on for tuning on the fly. Digital fuel pressure gauges have a sensor and gauge. For 250/260 models this is mounted on the fuel rail, for 300/310 models a manifold is included for inline mounting. All necessary hardware is included with instructions, kit comes with both setups.)

Kawasaki Quick Connect Fuel Fitting

(Fits a variety of Kawasaki motorcycles to watercraft. Made for use with all fuel types and works with most applications requiring no modification. For use with Kawasaki Ultra's, the fuel rail fitting will need to be changed to the below fitting, since the stock one is a bit long for these.)



Fits All Years 12F, 15F, 250, 260, 300, 310

KP HT Fuel Rail Fitting

(Fits all models with a plastic fuel rail (300/310/SXR/160). Made for racing applications, or high boost applications requiring high fuel pressures. For stock applications as well, stock fitting can break causing down time. Upgrade now! Made of 316 Stainless Steel. Proudly made right here in our shop, with locally sourced Stainless Steel.)


Choose Length Below

Fuel Line

(Fits all models. KP Fuel line can be made in any length and is rated for a much higher pressure than OEM. Also rated for any fuel including E-85. Fittings on 250/260 fuel rail must be upgraded to our smaller higher flow fitting. Can be made to any length. Standard length is 18 inches. Comes with one quick connect fitting (Green).)

Kawasaki High Flow 10 Micron Fuel Filter

(Fits modified and stock machines. Will prevent clogging of fuel injectors which will lean out your AFR and reduce performance. Remember, whatever is in your tank gets sucked up (Kawasaki only has a mesh bag at the bottom of the tank)! Fuel filter is replaceable, comes with attached fuel line and additional crimp clamps. Will fit 250/260/300/310/Ultra LX/15F/SXR models. Comes with clear installation instructions.)

Fuel Pump Replacement

(Fits all Kawasaki models. If you would like us to install the new pump, please ship us your old pump with your information. 320 LPH fuel pump is for all high performance applications including E-85, race fuel, nitro, methanol etc. Capable of fuel pressures exceeding 100 PSI. This is a direct fit, no cutting or fabrication required. We recommend using our KP-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with this pump. All R&D fuel pumps require permanent modification of your fuel pump housing, this not only ruins your housing, but weakens the bracket that holds the pump in! KP keeps the fuel pump upgrade easy and simple! 250 LPH Fuel Pumps come with PTFE shrink tubing, wire harness, and spare o-ring.)

kawasaki ultra fuel pressure gauge

$26.00 ea.

KP STX 160 (High Flow)   $469.99   

Stock Replacement            $149.99 ea.



Premium 250 LPH        $275.00 ea.

kawasaki ultra compression gauge

Premium KP-Aeromotive    $375.00

Fuel System

780 CC @ 55PSI                  $625.00/set

1000 CC @ 55PSI                $625.00/set

Kawasaki Quick Connect Fuel Fitting Male End

(Fits a variety of Kawasaki motorcycles to watercraft. Made for use with all fuel types and works with most applications requiring no modification. For use with Kawasaki Ultra's, the fuel rail fitting will need to be changed to this fitting, since the stock one is a bit long. Fitting is 1/4 NPT. Direct replacement for all Kawasaki fuel fittings, with higher flow.)

Fits All Years SXR 1500, STX 160

Kawasaki STX 160 Fuel Blowout Fix

(Fuel filler modification to prevent blowouts)

OEM 310   $550.00  

OEM 250/260   $550.00

OEM SXR 1500   $519.99   

Fuel Pump‚Äč

Complete Fuel System Kit

(Fits all models. Package DEAL! Comes with a 320 LPH fuel pump, KP-Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator, Digital fuel pressure gauge kit, and inline 10 micron fuel filter! Separately these cost $1,050.00.)

ADD KP 316SS Fuel Rail Mount Bolts

Fuel Rail Adapter Kit $299.99

kawasaki fuel barb
rising rate fuel pressure regulator kawasaki ultra

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

(Used on 250 and 260 jet skis with KP Super Boost pulleys, cams or port and polish and 300/310 KP booster pulleys, cams, or port and polish. Used on 15F/SXR/Ultra LX for additional fuel on race machines. KP-Aeromotive can be used as a rising rate or standard fuel pressure regulator. The KP-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator comes with all hardware you will need, including high pressure fuel line, clips, clamps, vacuum line and more to make for an easy installation. The regulator is mounted as close to the pump as possible and insulated, so the fuel absorbs as little heat as possible. Which is important in racing conditions. The regulator will hold fuel pressure even when the pump is off, which is very important. Also, it holds fuel pressure extremely steady to avoid dips and irregularities in fuel delivery and AFR. This will work for all setups from stock, to stage 6 to Nitro to a port and polished high flow machine. The R&D fuel pressure regulator can be used as a stand alone or rising rate. Comes as you see, no additional hardware.)

OEM 300   $550.00 

Cylinder Compression Gauge

(Fits all models. Check your compression to make sure you have no valve leaks or ring damage.)

OEM Replacement    $45.00 ea.

KP HF Fuel Bag SXR 1500/ STX 160 ONLY     $14.99

Fuel Injectors

(Please choose your injectors below. Rebuilt fuel injectors are on an exchange basis. You must send your current injectors in before we ship the rebuilt ones to you. All rebuilt fuel injectors are cleaned, rebuilt, and flow tested. Subject to availability. Core exchange ONLY on rebuilt injectors YOU MUST SEND YOUR INJECTORS TO US! Racing injectors do not require a core, and do not require any fuel rail modifications. They are a direct fit, just as stock is.)

NEW Ultra 250/260                $93.00 ea.

NEW Ultra 300/310                $86.86 ea.

NEW SXR/15F/Ultra LX         $98.58 ea.

Rebuilt Ultra 250/260             $100.00/Set

Rebuilt Ultra 300/310             $100.00/Set

Rebuilt SXR/15F/Ultra LX      $100.00/Set

kawasaki ultra fuel filter
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