250/260/300/310 Exhaust Manifold OEM

2008-2013 Ultra 250/260/300 Models
2009-2023 Ultra LX

Exhaust Coupling OEM

250/260         $682.77

300/310         $670.32


If using the stock water box, you will need a reducing adapter as shown to the left. This only applies to 2008-2010 250/260, all 300 models. 

Premium High Temperature Adapter $40.00 ea.

KP Exhaust Tip Bezel 1.75 inch Diameter

$127.99 each

07 Ultra 250
07-08 Ultra LX
2003-2008 STX-12/15F              $241.50


2009-2022 15f/Lx/160 Water Box 

This water box is standard with your machine above.

Exhaust Ring OEM

Fits 12f/15f/Lx/160/SXR ALL YEARS


Exhaust Outlet Gasket    $40.00 ea.

250/260          $902.93

300/310          $750.74


2.25-3.25 Hose Clamp Set of Four 316SS     $31.28

(Fits all ultra models! Developed on a Dyno and tested extensively on the water, this water box features radiused exhaust tubes and end caps for optimum exhaust flow. Unique exhaust baffle will increase the low-end power and mid-range pull of your Kawasaki Watercraft. Delivers up to 15hp on modified engines along with significant torque gains. High-strength aluminum construction will survive backfires and meltdowns. Powder coated to prevent corrosion. A must for modified motors. Includes detailed installation instructions.)

(High quality mandrel bent aluminum exhaust tube will survive meltdowns & backfires. Includes billet exhaust outlet with laser etched graphics that is anodized to prevent corrosion. High temperature silicone couplers included along with detailed installation instructions. Will make exhaust louder, best to use with free flow water box. Fits all ultra models from 2008-2013. For secondary bypass on 2007 models please see free flow bypass kit below. Kit comes standard with a steel hose clamps from Riva, for salt water applications we highly recommend upgrading to the 316SS hose clamp below. The steel hose clamps will rust, and eventually break.)

Kawasaki Ultra Water Box

15F/160/LX/160 Water Box OEM


250 (2007)       $708.17

250/260 (2008 and up)    $709.32

300    $484.48

310    $447.22


(For new OEM Exhaust, please see bottom of page.)

Exhaust Coupling OEM

250/260       $464.63

300/310       $456.82


Kawasaki 12f/15f/LX/160/SXR Water Box Repair Coupling

(For repair of old and/or corroded water box snout. You must cut off and re-weld the new coupling on the water box. Premium replacement coupling, made of marine grade aluminum and marine grade 316SS. Quality you can trust!)


250/260/300/310 Water Box OEM

(2007 AND 310 Water Box listed below only is the single primary.)


Exhaust Coupling KP High Temp

*Prevents blowouts*

2.25-3.25 Hose Clamp Set of Four 316SS

$55.00 ea.

2007 Kawasaki Ultra Free Flow Kit Bypass

(Enables you to bypass or remove secondary muffler (weight savings of +10lbs) improving engine performance by reducing back pressure and harmful detonation. Mandrel bent aluminum exhaust tube is lightweight and powder coated to resist corrosion. Included billet exhaust outlet cover (also sold separately) with laser etched graphics is anodized to prevent corrosion. High temperature silicone couplers included with detailed installation instructions.” )

Kawasaki Ultra Free Flow Kit, 08-13

Kawasaki Ultra 310/300 Exhaust Filter Bypass Kit
(The Exhaust Filter Bypass allows easy removal of restrictive honeycomb element on Ultra 310 & 300 models. OEM exhaust element is located inside exhaust system obstructing exhaust flow and producing excessive heat. Installation of Exhaust Filter Bypass increases horsepower and reduces under-hood operating temperatures. This plate is Precision machined out of 5052 marine aluminum and black hard coated for sleek look. KP has tested both stainless steel and aluminum for this application, the aluminum has shown to reduce exhaust temperatures during the hotter months over the stainless steel. This kit comes with both gaskets you need!)


Exhaust Coupling KP High Temp

*Prevents blowouts*



Adapter to use 12f water box on all newer machines


KP Exhaust Tip Bezel 2.5 inch Diameter

12F/15F/LX/SXR/160 Exhaust Manifold OEM

250/260/300/310 Exhaust Top Side OEM


Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 


Add Stainless Steel Hardware (The bolts that go through the Exhaust filter only)

Please contact us for our welding service if needed!

2003-2008 12f/15f/Lx Water Box 

This water box can be used with all newer machines for increased flow. Requires the adapter to the right.

250/260/300/310 and 15F or Ultra LX with a dual water box from the factory: 2.5 inch opening

15F/LX with single water box from the factory: 1.75 inch opening

Ultra 310 Models and 2007 Ultra 250

Ultra LX 2007-2008

Exhaust Gasket    $9.68 ea.
(Aftermarket, 2 needed)


Exhaust Outlet Gasket    $40.00 ea.

2008-2010 250/260, 2009+ Ultra Lx, 2009+ 15F, All years STX 160 Exhaust Outlet

(This is OEM.)

KP Exhaust Tip Bezel


$14.31 ea.

250/260/300/310 Exhaust 90 OEM

12F/15F/LX/SXR/160 Exhaust Pipe OEM


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