Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Standard Adjustable Sprockets

Kawasaki Ultra 250X 260X Automatic Tensioner 

Exhaust Outlet Gasket    $40.00 ea.

LX/15F/12F ALL YEARS 2005-2019

Kawasaki Ultra 310x 300x Speed Control Override Module (SCOM)

(The Speed Control Override Module removes the restrictive speed control function on Kawasaki Ultra 310 & 300 models delivering significant increases in top speed with stock ECU. Easy to install module delivers 3~4mph to stock craft and allows further top speed gains through aftermarket modifications. Does not affect speedometer accuracy, Eco Mode or Cruise Control functionality.)

Kawasaki Ultra Water Box

(Fits all ultra models! Developed on a Dyno and tested extensively on the water, this water box features radiused exhaust tubes and end caps for optimum exhaust flow. Unique exhaust baffle will increase the low-end power and mid-range pull of your Kawasaki Watercraft. Delivers up to 15hp on modified engines along with significant torque gains. High-strength aluminum construction will survive backfires and meltdowns. Powder coated to prevent corrosion. A must for modified motors. Includes detailed installation instructions.)


KP Ultra-Flow Air Filter Kit (12F, 15F, LX, 160)

(KP redesigned our original Ultra Flow Intake filter kit, and now offering the newest and greatest! This kit is made from premium 316SS mesh and silicone rubber, ideal for salt water environments! Also Included is the KP pre-filter to help keep out water and debris. The most important part of this kit is the crankcase suction port. This port not only reduces emissions like the factory airbox, but it will pull out all the moisture created inside the engine from combustion. All other kits use breather filters, which do not allow this moisture to escape. This eventually leads to water accumulation in the oil, corroded internals, and rusty valve train parts! For older machines, a valve cover block off kit is required to use this filter kit.)

2.25-3.25 Hose Clamp Set of Four 316SS     $31.28


07 Ultra 250

07-08 Ultra LX

2003-2008 STX-12/15F              $241.50

$35.00 ea.

$1,074.98/ SET

Kawasaki Big Bore Kits

(Add extra Horsepower to your race machine! Extra fuel needed. Please contact us for details! Comes with pistons, oversize racing head gasket and Big Bore Cylinders. Cylinder core required. N/A Kits have an option to add the appropriate parts to upgrade the fuel system. All kits REQUIRE 93 Octane Fuel unless you request another compression ratio!)


Kawasaki Ultra 310/300 TBM Top-Loader Intake Grate

(The fully tunable Top-Loader Intake Grate for the Kawasaki Ultra 310 & 300 features an adjustable foil and removable rear inlet chip. Developed through a joint effort with TBM Racing, this grate provides riders with the ability to tune for specific riding style or water conditions. The center foil has three positions or can be removed entirely. In flat water conditions it can be raised to the highest position increasing speed .5mph. Or be removed completely producing the same speed as the stock grate. The deeper center bars and removable rear inlet chip dramatically improve handling and hook up. The rear inlet chip can be removed or used with or without the center foil. Whether you're a closed course racer, offshore racer, or just a weekend warrior, our Tunable Top-Loader Intake Grate will enhance the hook up and handling of your Ultra. )

Coming Soon!

15F/SXR/Ultra LX 13.5:1 High Output Lightweight Forged Pistons (For 100 octane Gasoline, E85 or Aviation Fuel)

**Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x Automatic Supercharger Belt Tensioner**

(EASY BOLT ON TENSIONER, BRAND NEW! This tensioner is a direct fit and replacement of your stock crude tensioner. No more hassle checking your belt tension before a race or before you go riding. If you have ever had a belt snap or grind down due to slipping you know this is worth every cent. This automatically tensions your supercharger belt perfectly every time. It will adjust to any riding style, in any climate. Comes with everything you need, no cutting or fabrication necessary. Comes with: Clear step by step instructions with pictures, tensioner bracket, completely assembled pulley assembly with antisieze, brand new stainless bolts, custom fit belt guard and a brand new socket. Comes in a flat black finish. This is made exclusively by KP. All automatic tensioners are made to order, usually ships in 7-10 days. If you have any questions at all please give us a call!)

250/260/LX/15F/160/SXR 1500   $749.99 ea.

300/310   $784.99 ea.

Kawasaki Cooling Check Valve

(This check valve is made to keep water in the cylinders under moderate to full throttle operation. The stock fitting is a straight shot to the exhaust.This will prolong engine life and keep the engine cooler. Will fit all 250/260 (come standard on 310). They attach to the coolant port on the water box.)

Ultra 250/260/LX/15F     $205.00

Ultra 300/310                  $205.00

SXR 1500                       $205.00

KP Ultra-Flow Filter Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

(Fits 300/310. Kit comes with all premium stainless hardware, a high flow air filter which can flow almost 2.5 TIMES the power filter kit, and KP filter sock!)

$1,074.98/ SET

12F, 15F, LX All Years     $169.99

316SS Premium Filter Clamp    $15.50 ea. 

(A steel clamp comes with

standard with this kit.

In salt water, this will

rot and ruin your filter!)

Kawasaki Ultra Pro-Series Sponson Kit

(Delivers a significant handling improvement over the stock sponsons with superior blade design and backing plate. Includes a bulletproof mounting system that features three anchor points with billet inserts in sponson fins. Backing plate is precision machined from high strength billet aluminum that is anodized to prevent corrosion. Sponson depth and forward/aft position are adjustable to control the amount of influence they have on the craft. Easy installation requires no drilling. Fits all Kawasaki Ultra 310/300/260/250/LX models.)

Exhaust Filter Bypass Kit    $55.00 ea.

STX 160 All Years     $169.99


Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 LX 15F SXR 1500 STX 160 Carriage Holder 

(KP is now introducing our Carriage Holder! This is everything we all have been waiting for! It is a two piece design, so you DO NOT have to remove the engine! This will prevent carriages from ripping under high load and even stock conditions. 15 minute install. Will fit all 15F, 250/260, 300, 310, LX, STX 160, SXR 1500. This is made to go over your existing carriage as shown in the picture.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 Waste Gate Bock Off Plate

(CNC Machined Marine Grade Aluminum BOV Block Off Plate. Used to block off leaky blow off valves or eliminate BOV for increased boost. Fits all years 250, 260, 300, and 310 skis. Comes with block off plate and hardware.)



Kawasaki Ultra Free Flow Kit, 08-13

(High quality mandrel bent aluminum exhaust tube will survive meltdowns & backfires. Includes billet exhaust outlet with laser etched graphics that is anodized to prevent corrosion. High temperature silicone couplers included along with detailed installation instructions. Will make exhaust louder, best to use with free flow water box. Fits all ultra models from 2008-2013. For secondary bypass on 2007 models please see free flow bypass kit below. Kit comes standard with a steel hose clamps from Riva, for salt water applications we highly recommend upgrading to the 316SS hose clamp below. The steel hose clamps will rust, and eventually break.)


Fuel Pump and IN Tank Regulator for SXR and STX 160


Kawasaki Ultra TBM Performance Ride Plate

(The Kawasaki Ultra Performance Ride Plate is similar to the discontinued Riva ride plate. The rear is extended far beyond OEM to give more angle and grip on turns. Definitely the best looking ride plate anyone has ever made for the Ultra's. Top speed may increase depending on setup. Includes billet block-off for use when speedometer sender is removed. Fits all Ultra 310/300/260/250/LX models.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250 Valve Cover Blockoff Kit

(KP now makes our own billet block off plates for the early 07-08 models. This will reduce GIO issue and removal of that extra weight, hoses and exhaust filters. Leave it to KP to bring you the best! )

250/260/300/310       $189.99 SET

Rod Bolt      $14.99 ea.

15F/SXR/Ultra LX 12.5:1 High Output Lightweight Forged Pistons (For 93 octane Gasoline)

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 LX 15F SXR 1500 Oil Cap

(Premium CNC Machined billet aluminum oil cap. Comes in the colors shown. No more stuck OEM plastic oil caps, these look sleek and perform as an oil cap should!)

2008-2013 Ultra 250/260/300 Models

2009-2023 Ultra LX

Kawasaki Ultra 250 Blocked Off Valve Cover

(Clean new valve cover with no block off plates. Plates take up unnecessary space on top of valve cover and can allow water to enter top of engine. Comes standard with installed brass barbs. No oil cap, hardware or rear plate. For stainless barbs please contact us.)



Kawasaki Ultra 310/300 Exhaust Filter Bypass Kit

(OUR VERY OWN KP Exhaust Filter Bypass Kit replaces the stock filter on Ultra 300 & 310 models. The installation of our Exhaust Filter Bypass increases your horsepower and reduces the exhaust temperature. The stock exhaust filter restricts exhaust flow, creates additional heat from the restriction, and can break apart ending up in your water box. All which rob HORSEPOWER! This plate is PRECISION MACHINED out of 5052 marine grade aluminum and black hard coated for a sleek look. KP designed, tested and APPROVED! This kit comes with both gaskets you need.)

+300 RPM

Kawasaki Ultra Free Flow Kit Bypass

(Enables you to bypass or remove secondary muffler (weight savings of +10lbs) improving engine performance by reducing back pressure and harmful detonation. Mandrel bent aluminum exhaust tube is lightweight and powder coated to resist corrosion. Included billet exhaust outlet cover (also sold separately) with laser etched graphics is anodized to prevent corrosion. High temperature silicone couplers included with detailed installation instructions.” )


15F/SXR/160/Ultra LX      $189.99 SET


Ultra 310 Models or 2007 Ultra 250

Exhaust Outlet Gasket    $40.00 ea.

Ultra 250/260 7.8:1

For 90 Octane, Alaska, Canada etc

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x High Strength Head Stud Kit
(Simply the best of the best head studs money can buy! Made by the leader in the industry ARP. These studs have an internal hex for easy installation, no other stud has this hex (Riva studs do not have a HEX!)!. Made specifically for high boost and high horsepower skis. These are heat treated chromoly steel and rolled afterwards, which make them extremely strong. They are made to take the extreme stresses during combustion, and high compression/ boost. Direct replacement of OEM bolts with no modification. If you are running higher boost pressures, timing or high compression pistons. This is a must!)


Rod Set      $749.99

Fuel Pump and IN Tank Regulator for 15F/ LX

Add Stainless Steel Hardware (The bolts that go through the Exhaust filter only)

Blue   $35.00 ea.

Red   $35.00 ea.

Green   $35.00 ea.

Black    $35.00 ea.

If using the stock water box, you will need a reducing adapter as shown to the left. This only applies to 2008-2010 250/260, all 300 models. 

Premium High Temperature Adapter $40.00 ea.

2.25-3.25 Hose Clamp Set of Four 316SS     $31.28


KP Precision Sprockets

Kawasaki Ultra Precision Adjustable Cam Sprockets

(Made for changing cam timing for adjusting the power tune of your ski. Will increase rpm and maximize power at a given rpm. The stock cam timing is very lazy for emission standards, by increasing overlap and degreeing cams, we can maximize peak power. No need for expensive race cams or re-ground Web Cams that don't really work. Kawasaki put millions of dollars into developing these cams, you better believe they are the absolute best! KP is introducing our lightweight precision adjustable cam sprockets. Which were specifically designed for the Ultra Lineup. They are stronger where needed, lighter, and super hard like OEM. KP has utilized long head Super strong ARP bolts for extreme clamp load and to prevent head stripping like compeditors. Lastly and most important, KP has made the seating ring and face a precision fit. APE adjustable cam sprockets are very sloppy, and have excessive runout. Which causes the gear to spin out of round and vibrate. This will rob power and put extra strain on the top end. Leave it to KP to offer something exclusively made for your machine!)



Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x 15F SXR Ultra LX Valve Train Upgrade

(After countless hours of R&D, and tons of testing, KP is proud to introduce our fine tuned racing spring kit! This kit was designed for the daily driver and also the racer in mind. These springs deliver the optimal seat pressure the Ultra cylinder heads need. These springs are 58 pounds at the seat and 174 at full lift. Full lift is 0.385". Kawasaki valves are well known for dropping, almost always from inadequate spring pressure or hung up valves from corrosion. Stock springs can over rev and float as early as 7800 RPM! The additional pressure keeps these valves synchronized precisely to the beat of the engine at any given RPM up to 9,000 RPM. We are extremely excited to present you with this kit, and we know you will be also!

$225.00 EACH


Kawasaki Ultra LX, 15F, SXR 1500, STX 160 Racing Cams

(KP has worked very hard with our sponsors and racers to bring you these incredible race cams! They are made for the N/A Engine. They work excellent with the KP High compression Forged pistons. Cams are available in a few different ways. They come with adjustable cam gears for you to degree yourself. Or they come pre-degreed to either of our specifications. Stage 2 or Stage 3. Stage 2 has an excellent clean Idle with a few hundred RPM gain, with arm wrenching acceleration. Stage 3 has a choppier idle, with ever more RPM and intense acceleration! Can be used on stock machines, or modified machines. KP high pressure springs are recommended due to the increased lift. However, they will work with stock springs. Cam core required.)


Ultra 250/260/LX/15F     $140.00

Ultra 300/310                  $150.00

SXR 1500                       $140.00


Kawasaki Ultra 250/260 86.00 mm     $2799.95

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 86.00 mm     $2799.95

15F/SXR/STX 160/Ultra LX Lightweight Forged 86.00 mm 12.5:1 Compression     $2799.95

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260X 300X 310X Cold Air Intake Kit

(Greatly Increases throttle response, acceleration, top speed and overall performance of your ski! This removes the hot air tubes that funnel into the intake. This air can be upwards of 250 Degrees, which robs your ski of power! This kit blocks off this hot air flow, allowing fresh cool air ONLY to be sucked into your engine. EASY BOLT ON ITEM!)



Ultra 300/310 7.8:1

For 90 Octane, Alaska, Canada etc


$90.45 ea.



Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x LX 15F 12F Thermal Barrier

(Probably one of the best bolt-ons for hot weather! This decreases the intake air temperature considerably. Cooler air is more dense, and denser air produces more horsepower! Comes with all hardware and gaskets! KP has tested this kit and at a minimum it drops intake charge temps by 20 degrees! Perfect for all supercharged and non supercharged machines!)





Kawasaki Ultra Premium Pump Wedge

(This wedge is made to get your machine up on plane faster and at a slightly greater angle. This is an easy bolt on part for any stock or modified ski! All wedges are 2 degree and are hard coated black for optimal corrosion resistance and strength. Kit comes with PREMIUM 316 Stainless Steel Hardware for salt water and Ocean Riding. No silicone, or RTV required for installation.)

$1,054.98/ SET

Ultra 300/310 10.5:1

Ultra 300/310 9.5:1

Ultra 250/260 10.5:1

$1,054.98/ SET

Ultra 250/260 9.5:1

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x Competition Racing Pistons (MADE IN USA)

(These pistons are the absolute best money can buy! They are coated with a ceramic thermal barrier for heat reduction an higher efficiency of your boosted engine. This can be used on a stock ski, but is made for much higher boost pressures 17+ PSI. Will prevent hot spots or piston failure in high heat or under extreme load. Leave it to KP to bring you the absolute best!. 3+ week lead time.)





Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x High Flow Filter Kit

(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Your stock 250-310 intake does not have an air filter, so whatever sand particles, salt or dust in your hull is directly sucked into your engine and supercharger. Many of the larger sand particles can imbed themselves in your supercharger, or corrode the internals causing a blown charger. This power filter kit is easy to bolt on, filters all incoming air, and also has a water repellant pre-filter so that water does not get sucked up as well. Delivers greatly improved acceleration and increased top speed by replacing the restrictive stock intake system. The Power Filter feeds your supercharger with an increased volume of air via a large 4” diameter intake duct and oversized K&N filter element. Ducting is precision formed from a race proven composite that will not conduct heat to incoming air. IJSBA legal for all classes. We recommend using our cold air intake Kit with this Power Filter Kit. Kit comes standard with a steel hose clamp for the filter from Riva, for salt water applications we highly recommend upgrading to the 316SS hose clamp below. The steel hose clamp will rust, ruing the pre-filter and eventually breaking.)




Ultra 300/310 10.5:1

Ultra 300/310 9.5:1

Ultra 250/260 10.5:1

Ultra 250/260 9.5:1


Kawasaki Ultra 250, 260, 300, 310, 15F, SXR, Ultra LX, STX 160, KP High Performance Connecting Rods

(Connecting rods are forged of a high strength steel alloy. These are forged overseas, machined, tested and inspected right here in West Babylon so we can control the quality! KP was able to hold the extremely tight tolerances just like OEM. Our rods are A beam design, which are much stronger than stock and almost the strength of H beam, at a fraction of the weight. Rods come standard with an oil embedded bronze wrist pin bushing. They weigh less than stock, and WAY less than CP. Lighter and stronger than stock is a huge plus! Rods are rated for 700 HP. They come standard with a mark, which means they require green bearings. You will require a stretch gauge with these (do not torque), bolts are a one time use, PLEASE DO NOT REUSE! Fits all models and years listed above.

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x Performance Parts

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x 15F SXR Ultra LX JE Forged Pistons with KP Racing Ring Pack (MADE IN USA)

(Kawasaki OEM pistons are well known for breaking under load, due to their thin cast design. If you are an everyday rider and want the reliability out of your ski, we recommend upgrading! These pistons will withstand anything you throw at them! Forged and machined from the highest grade aluminum and these pistons are specifically designed for high performance and extreme conditions. Drilled oil holes around the pistons provide added lubrication and cooling. The rings are made from some of the highest quality materials that seal perfectly in the Nikasil cylinder. No more GIO issues, plus far superior ring sealing! Can be used with stock connecting rods. We recommend the 9.5:1 as a direct replacement for stock pistons on 93 octane. The 10.5:1 pistons will provide even more power, but we do recommend race fuel for the 300/310's. 93 Octane gasoline can be used with 10.5:1 250/260 pistons in cooler climates. 15F/SXR/Ultra LX pistons come standard in 12.5:1 for direct stock replacement on 93 octane gasoline. For other compression ratios, please contact us! We can make them! Comes with a set of 4 pistons, clips, rings, and pins.)

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