Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Ultra 250/260300/310/15F, SXR-1500, STX-160 All Models      $62.15/set

$6.40 ea.

Oil Pump Drain Tube

(OEM. Fits all models. Used on 250/260 models. Not needed on higher models.)

Oil Pump Chain Tensioner Parts



Ultra 250/260     $499.05

Ultra 300/310     $501.30

Bolt (132)             $3.05

Clip (13271)          $3.30

Spring (92144)       $2.95 

Guide (12053)        $11.96

Collar (411)            $2.95

Collar (92152)        $5.95

Oil Pump Shaft Pin

(KP Premium High Strength. Fits all models)

Oil Pump Drain Housing

(OEM. Fits all models.)


Timing Rotor

24.30 ea.

$260.00    Ultra/250/260

$300.00     Ultra 300/310


Connecting Rod (2 bearings)            $38.00

Outer Mains (2 Bearings)                  $38.00

Second Mains (2 Bearings)               $38.00

Center Main (2 Bearings)                  $38.00

Thrusts (2 Thrusts)                            $38.00


(Crankshafts come as is from the manufacturer, so they must be thoroughly cleaned before use. They do contain metal particles and debris from manufacturing. If you need your crankshaft balanced to race specs, please contact us. Stock 07 cranks that came with your jet ski are different than these. If you replace your crank with a new one, you will need 08+ cams.)

Ultra 250/260      $27.87

Ultra 300/310      $53.28

$31.95 ea.

Ultra 250/260      $16.95 ea.

Ultra 300/310      $13.20 ea.

OEM   $3.30 ea.

KP Viton $3.00 ea.



$3.20 ea.

Oil Pump Housing

(OEM. Ultra 300/310 housings can be used with 250/260 models. But, all relating hardware must be used as well.)

Engine Complete Top End Gasket Kit


Oil Pump Plug

(OEM. Fits all models)



Crank Pin

(Fits all 250/260 Models)

OEM $14.43 ea.

Aftermarket $8.43 ea.

Crankshaft Sprocket

(Crankshaft sprockets are OEM. Fits all ultra 300/310 models.)

Ultra 250/260 All Models     $2.95 ea.

Ultra 300/310 All Models     $2.95 ea.

Ultra 300/310 Aftermarket   $1.50 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260

Weight Mark J     $172.05

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310

Weight Mark I     $172.05

Weight Mark J    $172.05


Main Oil Seal

(Fits all 250/260/300/310/LX/SXR/15F models.)

Crank Cases

(Does not come with plugs, pins, sensors)

Oil Pump Gasket

(Fits all Kawasaki models)

Cam Chains

(Chains are all OEM.)

Crankshaft/Connecting Rod Bearing Sets

(OEM bearings are of the highest quality, which is all we sell. We provide many oversize and coated bearings. Coated bearings are 0.0003"-.0005" over stock bearing size, so you will need to compensate accordingly. If you need help figuring out the bearings you need please give us a call! Coated bearings are coated specifically for race conditions. Coatings have excellent anti-scuffing properties for all conditions. The coating is specifically designed to permeate the bearing surface, increasing oil retention to protect against intense heat and extreme pressure. This dramatically reduces bearing wear and flaking, and adds an extra level of lubricant to the bearing. This also protects the bearing from heat build up and excessive wear. Bearings come as a set, for individual bearings please give us a call!)



Oil Pump Scoop Filter With O-Ring

(OEM Scoop, KP Viton O-Ring. Fits all models.)

Oil Pump Front Rotor Cover Locating Pin

(OEM. Fits all models)

Completely Assembled Ready To Bolt On Oil Pump

(OEM. Fits ALL ULTRA models. Does not come with any extra bolts or pins.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX/15F/STX-160/SXR-1500 SET ALL Models (CRANKSHAFT MAINS + THRUSTS ONLY)

STD Size (Green, Black)     $180.60

Undersize Bore Oversize Crank (Pink, Brown)      $180.60

Mixed (Yellow, Blue)      $180.60

Oil Pump Rotor Set

(OEM. Fits all models)

Ultra 250/260      $9.73

Ultra 300/310      $13.70

$2.93 ea.

Oil Pump Oil Feed O-Ring

(Fits All Kawasaki Models)

Oil Pump Sprocket


0.5mm Oversize Bearings

(Bearings only come in one size, one size fits all! KP offers crank machining. Recommended for non supercharged engines. This is only for cranks that need machining. Damaged cases must be discarded.)

250/260      $97.00

300/310      $97.00

Oil Pump Sprocket Bolt + Washer

(OEM. Fits all models)

$260.00    Ultra 300/310

Connecting Rod Nut/Bolt Kits

(OEM rod nuts and bolts. Come as a set of 8 NEW bolts and 8 NEW nuts.)

Oil Pump Front Rotor Cover

(OEM. Fits all models)

Cam Guide Bolt Kit

(Comes with all necessary bolts, pins and o-rings for cam chain guides. For individual bolts, please give us a call.

Ultra 250/260      $83.22

Ultra 300/310      $100.08

$3.90 ea.

$300.00     Ultra 250/260

Ultra 250/260      $1,258.68 ea.

Ultra 300/310      $1,240.90 ea.

Crankshaft O-Ring

Oil Pump Pressure Relief Valve

(OEM. Fits all models)

Oil Pump Shaft


Oil Pump Front Rotor Cover Mount Bolts

(OEM. Fits all models. 3 needed.)

Ultra 250/260      $19.66

Ultra 300/310      $34.30


Crank Cases


Engine Complete Gasket Kit


250/260         $1,120.00

300/310         $1,140.00

2007-2010 Ultra 250/260     $1,112.20

2011-2015 Ultra 300/310     $1,242.40

OEM    $3.98

Aftermarket    $2.74

$3.05 ea.

Oil Pump Chain

(OEM. Fits all models.)

Oil Pump Locating Pins

(Fits all Ultra models. 4 are needed.)

Connecting Rods

(NEW OEM connecting rods. Rods may or may not have a bore mark when they come from the manufacturer, meaning the bore could be different from what you currently have. We can match this up for you with bearings if you need. Weight marks are important for engine balancing. We offer some options below, but if you have a different mark than available, then the rods all must be balanced. You can send these in for balancing.)

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300/310/LX/15F/STX-160/SXR-1500 SET ALL Models (CONNECTING ROD ONLY)

STD Size (Yellow, Black)           $104.00

Oversize Crank (Pink, Brown)      $104.00

Mixed (Green, Blue)                 $104.00

$3.20 ea.

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