Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

What Do I Have To Do?

All you need to do is send us your crank, pistons and connecting rods. We do all the work. Everything will be balanced as close to racing specifications as possible. We do not require basic engine builds to be balanced, but you will only benefit. Below are pictures of a balanced high performance engine. Cost to balance a ski engine to racing specifications is $350.00 not including shipping. Please give us a call for shipping information, or if you have a custom project!

Do I Need To Balance My High Performance Engine?

Absolutely! Your high performance engine specifically need to be balanced. Between higher boost pressures, loads and RPM's, balancing is a must our your engine will not last too long at all. Even JE pistons are not perfect out of the box, they also may need to be balanced.

Do I Need To Balance My Stock Engine?

Believe it or not the stock engines are not too bad, and could live a long healthy life with no problems. You can even put in aftermarket pistons and the engine would last forever. This isn't guaranteed with every engine from the factory. You can definitely benefit from balancing a stock ski, which would run smoother, idle better and reach its full potential. If you intend to run higher than stock RPM's on a stock machine, then we definitely recommend a balance.


The idea behind engine balancing is to equalize the rotating masses in an engine. This includes everything from the crankshaft to pistons. In modern engines, the balancing is fine tuned even more so compared to 10 years ago. This is due to tighter tolerances, and weaker engine blocks (To save weight and cost). If you remember from your physics class in high school F=ma. Force = Mass X Acceleration. Here you have the crankshaft spinning at high rpm which accelerates and decelerates at the touch of your finger. Now imagine you took two pieces of fishing line equal length, say 3 feet long.You attach a 0.5 ounce weight to one and 10 ounce to another. With one line in one hand and the other in the other hand you spin. As you spin you can feel the larger mass pulling you much more than the smaller. This is what happens in an engine but much more extreme. Even a 0.5 gram difference on a high performance engine could be a big deal, pulling and pushing causing vibrations, and pounding your bearings. In order to balance your engine, material is usually removed so that all the masses are extremely close.You definitely don't want that! At higher speeds this load increases exponentially, and could be too much for your engine to handle.

Engine Balancing

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