Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 Lost Key Reprogramming

(Lost both your keys? This has happened all too often and until now you were stuck spending a ton of money on a new ECU. Send in your ECU and we can reprogram a new key for you, up to two! 1-4 day turnaround service. Price comes with one fast key. Please purchase the service below, print out your receipt, and ship it in with your ECU to use this service.)

2014-2019 310

Standard Tune

Race Tune

Stage 3 Tune



Kawasaki Magneto/Stator

(Magnetos fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021, they come in OEM or Aftermarket. HP highly recommends OEM for longevity. 21003-3749, 21003-3747)

$70.67 ea.

Kawasaki Throttle Body

(Comes assembled, ready to bolt on.)

300/310        $350.00

ADD Additional Key (Slow)       $425.00

ADD a Third Key (2 fast, One Slow) And One Virtual Key       $450.00

250/260/LX/15F (2016+)/SXR 1500/STX1500          $300.00

ADD Additional Key (Slow)       $375.00

ADD a Third Key (2 fast, One Slow) And One Virtual Key       $400.00


Kawasaki MAP Sensor

(Sensors are all OEM.)

$85.04 ea.

Iridium           $11.55 ea.


Kawasaki Starter

(Starters fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021, they come in OEM or aftermarket. KP highly recommends OEM for longevity.)

Key Programming Adapter 

(Required for 300/310/SXR,15F and STX 160. You cannot program these machines without this cable.)

                             OEM                    2003-2012 12F/15F/LX/250/260                    21176-3758                                  $105.02 ea.

KP Brass Replacement                    2003-2012 12F/15F/LX/250/260                    21176-3758                                   $79.99 ea.

OEM                                                  2011-2021 15F/LX/300/310/SXR/STX 160     21176-0741                                   $78.20 ea.

KP Replacement                               2011-2021 15F/LX/300/310/SXR/STX 160     21176-0741                                   $61.99 ea.

CR9EK       $9.86 ea.

CR9EKB      $9.86 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 250, 260, LX, 15F, SXR 1500, STX ECU Programming

(KP is now able to program any ecu from the above options. If you want to turn your Ultra 250 into an LX, or 15F, we can flash your ecu and convert that ECU to the application you need it for. Any of the ECU's above can be flashed for another machine. Please inquire if you have questions!)

Aftermarket         $79.93 ea.

250/260/300/310/LX SXR 1500/STX 160 Fast Key OEM       $58.22

250/260/300/310/LX SXR 1500/STX 160 Slow Key OEM      $58.22

Economy $269.00


2007-2021 12F/15F/LX        21176-3765                         $204.50 ea.

2007-2010 Ultra 250/260      21176-3768                         $168.10 ea.

2011-2020 Ultra 300/310      21176-3777                          $116.00 ea.

 2018-2020 SXR 1500          21176-0111                           $185.08 ea.

2021 SXR 1500, STX 160     21176-0906                          $185.08 ea.

2021 310                               21176-0937                           $185.08 ea.


Fuel Tuning Computer

(This computer fits all Kawasaki models 2004-2021. It is capable of adjusting your AFR easily on the fly. If you have a ton of mods, want to increase fuel flow or have one of our racing pulleys, you will need this to slightly increase fuel delivery. Very simple to install and use. This plugs directly into the injectors, no special tools to install. Great for 15F/SXR/160 watercraft!)

Cylinder 1   $61.00 ea.

Cylinder 2   $61.00 ea.

Cylinder 3   $61.00 ea

Cylinder 4   $61.00 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Knock Sensor

(Ready to bolt on.)

Kawasaki Throttle Position Sensor

(Sensors are all OEM. Fits12F/15F/LX/250/260/SXR 1500 ALL Years. 21176-3762.)

2007-2010 250/260

Standard Tune

Race Tune



(This kit is used to determine your AFR on your ski. If you are tuning, running a different fuel or using one of our supercharger pulleys, you will need this setup to make sure you are running within safe parameters. Comes with one Oxygen sensor, control unit, and a gauge. Must be installed by user.)

$98.25 ea.

KP OEM Replacement           $89.99 ea.

Replacement O-Ring                                      $12.99 ea.

OEM              $419.92

Aftermarket     $73.95

Kawasaki Spark Plug Wires

(Wires fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021. These are OEM. Wires only come in red.)

OEM           $181.95 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 Intake Manifold Temp Sensor

(Sensors are all OEM.)

Turn your Ultra 250 into a Ultra LX!

Covert a Ultra LX ECU into a STX 15F

Ultra 12F/250/260/LX     2006-2021                $1,072.00

Ultra 300/310 ALL YEARS                               $1,007.95

Key Programming Tool 

(ONLY if you have an existing registered Key! Up to 6 keys MAX.)

OEM         $145.80 ea.

KP SS Replacement Screws (Set of 3)          $6.99/ set.

Ultra 250-310, 2007-2010, 2014-2015      $154.00

Ultra 300 2011-2013                               $154.00


Kawasaki Ignition Coil

(Coils fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021. OEM is recommended for longevity. Coils come individually like picture below. Two are required for all 4 cylinders. 21121-0720, 21121-3722, 21121-0744)




OEM             $550.00

Aftermarket Economy           $120.41

Aftermarket OEM Replacement              $194.37

Aftermarket High Torque                    $220.17


Premium Haltech $473.00

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 ECU Tune

(ECU tunes can be customized for an additional fee. The stock machine is not rated for much more than 8,000 RPM. When you exceed this RPM, you are more likely to experience valve float. Which is something you do not want. Minimally, if you would like to consistently rev over 7,800 we recommend our upgraded valve springs. Otherwise, it is best to stay below for safety sake. Please choose from the tunes below. All of our standard tunes are optimized for 93 octane pump gas, racing tunes are for 110 Octane pump gas or E-85 only. 300/310 tunes come standard with traction control and speed control deactivated. Stage 3 tunes are optimized for 93 octane gasoline. For lower octane tunes, this would be custom. Tunes are available for 15F/ LX/ SXR/ STX 160 models. Please inquire.)

Kawasaki Idle Stepper Motor

(Fits12F/15F/LX/250/260/SXR 1500 ALL Years. 21174-0555. KP Idle Motors are made exclusively by KP to provide you with a more cost effective alternative.)



Platinum        $19.99 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 NEW ECU

(Brand NEW ECU comes standard with ONE Key with programming instructions. You can program up to 6, we can program unlimited keys in any color/s and if you have multiple machines we can program the same keys to work on everything. There is a $75.00 programming charge for any key.)

2011-2013 300

Standard Tune

Race Tune

Stage 3 Tune

        2007 Ultra 250x      $690.00

        2008 Ultra 250x      $690.00

2009-2010 Ultra 260x      $690.00

2011-2012 Ultra 300x      $790.00

        2013 Ultra 300x      $790.00

2014-2021 Ultra 310x      $790.00


Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 300 310 Platinum/Iridium Spark Plugs

(OEM Plugs are Platinum. KP recommends Iridium for OEM replacement.)


Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue

2014-2015   $101.05 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra LX/12F/15F Spark Plugs‚Äč

(Use EK plugs for older 12F and 15F/LX models. These look threaded at the end like the picture below. If wires have been changed or you have a newer model machine, use the EKB which is the exact same plug, but has a standard plug end. Please inquire if you are unsure.)

Kawasaki Cam Sensor

(Sensors fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021, they are OEM. 21176-1077)

15F and STX-160 Tunes are available! However, gains are very minimal, and performance mods or engine work is highly recommended instead. Contact us for more info!



Kawasaki Crank Sensor

(Sensors fit all Kawasaki Watercraft models 2006-2021, they are OEM.)

Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Kawasaki Cooling/Oil Temperature Sensor

(Sensors fit many applications, please check below. KP brass replacements are higher quality than OEM and made of Brass rather than steel. Early sensors will rust. KP sensors look great and perform even better! Sensors fit the oil pan, exhaust manifold and intercooler where applicable.)

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