OEM SET $24.45/SET.


Kawasaki Ultra Driveline Rubber Damper


OEM $3.75 ea.

Aftermarket $2.20 ea.

Crankshaft Support Bearing

(Fits all Ultra models. Comes in either standard , KP High Performance Precision. Leave it to KP to bring you another awesome upgrade for your Ultra! Our New precision high speed double sealed bearing really is the best of the best! Double shielded OEM bearings squirt grease out of the bearing over a relatively short time. This increases heat and also increases the chance of wear. Shields really aren't too great at keeping moisture out either. Due to this OEM bearings need replacement regularly. With our new KP bearings, the grease is thicker, and it has two non-contact rubber seals to keep out dirt, moisture and keep that vital grease in there!)

OEM   $331.05 ea.

OEM Ultra 250/260/LX/SXR/15F     $35.06 ea.

OEM Ultra 300/310     $30.50 ea.

250/260/300/310                   $89.95

15F/SXR/Ultra LX                  $89.95

Crankshaft Support Bearing Cover Gasket

(Fits all Ultra models.)

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft Coupling‚Äč

(KP recommends going OEM since they are the strongest)

Ultra 250/260 Aftermarket     $333.00

Ultra 300/310 Aftermarket    $333.00

15F/LX/SXR Aftermarket      $289.49

Aftermarket   $141.30 ea.

Ultra 250/260 OEM    $428.72

Ultra 300/310 OEM    $423.02

15F/LX/SXR OEM      $419.13

Standard OEM       $46.00 ea.

Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

OEM $7.41 ea.

Aftermarket $5.03 ea.


Crankshaft Secondary Shaft O-Ring

(Fits all models. 250/260/300/310/SXR/15F ULTRA LX.)

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft Carriage

(Does not come with bearings and seals. Fits all Kawasaki models.)

$4.56 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft Carriage Bearing and seal Kit

(Fits all Kawasaki models. Comes with bearing, seals and grease.)

Crankshaft Support Bearing Cooler

(Comes with high flow brass barbs, barbs are longer thank Kawasaki OEM which hold on to the hose much better. Does not come with gasket or seals.

OEM  $55.00 ea.

$3.12 ea.

(Fits all Kawasaki Models.)

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 PTO Spacer Washer

(Fits all ultra 300/310 models.)

Premium KP Double Sealed High Speed With High Temp Lube      $122.30 ea.

Ultra 250/260 OEM    $305.05

Ultra 300/310 OEM     $177.23

Crankshaft Secondary Shaft Coupling

(Fits all Kawasaki models.)

All Models Ultra 250/260/LX/15F/SXR        $67.26 

All Models Ultra 300/310        $77.03

Crankshaft Secondary Shaft

(Holds flywheel on.)

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Coupling


Aftermarket  $25.00 ea.

Ultra 250 260 Lightweight Aftermarket  $249.99

NEW Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft Carriage Assembled

(Fits all Kawasaki models. Comes assembled with bearing, seals and grease.)

Crankshaft Support Bearing Cover Seals

(Fits all 250/260/300/310/LX/SXR/15F models. If you require grease, please give us a call!)

$42.06 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft

(KP highly recommends OEM for higher than stock applications. Aftermarket shafts are not as strong as OEM)

Kawasaki Ultra Drive Shaft Washer

OEM   $256.05 ea.

Aftermarket  $106.10 ea. 

Ultra 250/260     $33.00 ea.

Ultra 300/310     $52.00 ea.

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