Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Please contact us for pricing or custom applications!

What Can We Build For You

  • Stock Basic Reliability Recreational Machine
  • Stock Modified For Recreational (If you ride 90+ Hours a Season)
  • Moderate compression For Stock Boost (93 Octane Min)
  • High Compression For Stock Boost (Race Gas or E-85)
  • Moderate Compression Race Machine For High Boost 20+ PSI (93 Octane Is Possible Properly Tuned, use Race Gas Or E-85)
  • High Compression Race Machine For High Boost 20+ PSI (Race Gas Or E-85)


No job is too big or small for us! We know that building a ski or fixing one is very costly. If you are on a budget we will do our best to keep you within your goal.

What To Expect

 If you haven't been able to tell, our goal is total customer satisfaction and quality. It is our job to provide you with an engine both extremely reliable and something that fits your needs. It is also our job to inform you about common issues with these engines, such as stock pistons. Stock pistons are very hard, brittle and weak. Any extra stress, heat or boost can really send these pistons on a nasty collision. These are so crucial for reliability, that none of our own machines will ever run stock pistons! Second is valvetrain. Stock springs are very weak and the chances of dropping a valve from increased RPM, boost or lift increases exponentially as you go. Even on a stock machine, we recommend the upgrade ASAP, our springs hold on to those valves and provide the perfect pressure this skis need!

Why KP?

Most shops, like Kawasaki dealerships are a mess, parts are thrown on top of each other and you never know what could end up in your Engine. One second a mechanic could be scraping sand out of one customers hull, and putting a crank in yours. Any dirt or debris in your engine could destroy it! Here at Kawi Performance we know that everything should be super super clean! Especially a high performance Engine. We make sure to double, and triple check any parts going into that Engine. If it does not meet our standards, it gets replaced no questions asked. Rest assured, our experts are here to get the job done properly! Engines are built to a higher standard than from Kawasaki.

Quality Over Quantity!

Here at Kawi Performance, we want to provide customers with the most exceptional service that can be offered. Our highly skilled and highly meticulous team are professionals when it comes to the Ultra Engines. They are extremely tedious with their work, which results in only the highest quality work possible. In order to offer only the highest quality work, we will only build one engine at a time. Average turnaround time is 3-6 weeks depending on the build. With our custom engine building service, we can customize a high performance race engine or stock engine to fit your needs.

Custom Kawasaki Ultra Engine Builds

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