Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Smaller Cooling (0.5")   $18.52 ea.

2003-2013 All Models



Kawasaki Ultra LX 12-22

Kawasaki 15F All Years


Crimp Clamp

Kawasaki 12F All Years

Kawasaki Ultra LX 07-11

Kawasaki Cooling Check Valve

(This check valve is made to keep water in the cylinders under moderate to full throttle operation. The stock fitting is a straight shot to the exhaust.This will prolong engine life and keep the engine cooler. Will fit all 250/260/300/310 Engines. They attach to the coolant port coming off the water box.)

Hose Clamps

(Hose clamps fit all models, made for all cooling hoses. High Quality, high clamp pressure 316 Marine grade stainless steel. Will not strip like Kawasaki hose clamps.)

HT Cooling (0.5")   $18.52 ea.

2014 - Present All Models

$8.99 ea.

Brass Straight                    $7.00 ea.

Kawasaki STX 160 All Years


$90.45 ea.


KP 3.5"-5" Opening  316SS                                                   $15.50 ea.

(For intake tubes + Riva filter clamp)

KP 2.5"-3.5" Opening 316SS                                                 $6.32 ea.

(Intercooler, intake manifold)

KP Torque To Yield 0.5"-1" Opening 316SS                                                    $2.25 ea.

(For all cooling system, Requires torque wrench below)​

15/16 Crimp Clamp 304SS                                              $3.80 ea.

(For all oil lines, vibration proof)

Crimp Clamp Tool                                                             $32.34 ea.

Torque Wrench


Cut To Length Hose

(All hose is made of the highest quality SYNTHETIC rubber! Hose is reinforced with PVC fibers to prevent kinking and retain shape. Hose is slightly stiffer than OEM hose. 1/2" Id hose is for cooling system, 5/8" Id is for all oil hoses. 1/4" hose is the size of the bypass tube that feeds to the right front of the ski from the exhaust manifold. All hose is sold by the foot. Ex: for 10 feet put 10 in for the quantity upon checkout.)

Torque Wrench For KP Clamps

KP Premium Hose Kits

(KP is proud to announce our premium hose kits are now available. Hoses are made to be an exact fitment like OEM, but with additional strength to reduce the risk of bursting. Hoses come as a kit.)

Kawasaki ultra 250 260 300 310 cooling hose

Brass 90

Hull Fittings

(Ever had a plastic hull fitting break and dump water in the hull? More than likely it was not due to the fact that the fitting is plastic, the original design has issues. Kawasaki used a steel nut and washer which over time swell up and crack the fitting. The engineer who designed this should be fired! Our setup includes a 304 SS nut and washer, so you do not have to worry about them breaking any longer! Color may be different than what you have, choose cooling or bilge from below.)

Kawasaki Ultra 300 All Years

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260 All Years

Kawasaki Ultra 310 All Years

KP Torque To Yield

Kawasaki SXR 1500 All Years


Bilge (5/8")       $18.52 ea.

All Models



Hose Barbs

(Hose barbs fit all models. Brass is a direct replacement of stock fittings, but hold on to more of the hose. If you have ever had a hose pop off, these will prevent that. Made for racing and saltwater. We recommend thread sealant here.)

1/2' ID HOSE

BLACK                    $5.39/FT

BLUE                      $5.39/FT

GREY                     $5.39/FT

GREEN                   $5.39/FT

RED                        $5.39/FT

YELLOW                 $5.39/FT


$79.99 ea.

Kawasaki Ultra Stainless Cooling Barb
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