No Ball Joint

KP Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 High Strength Stainless Steering Cable Ends


Kawasaki Ultra Steering Cable

(Quality replacement steering for OE setup. Late model 260 uses an Ultra 300 cable.

(Fits late model 260 as well)

Steering Column Rebuilding

(If you ride in saltwater you know how much of a beating your jet ski takes. If you have replaced your steering cable with no luck, and your steering is still tight, look no further. Here at KP we offer a full steering column rebuilding service that will free up and lubricate your steering column even better than when it came from the factory. You must send in your steering column.)





Kawasaki Ultra Reverse Cable

No Ball Joint

Kawasaki Ultra 300 310 Steering Cable End

(Fits late model 260 and all 300/310 models)

Kawasaki Ultra 250 260 Steering Cable End

(Will fit all models up to early 2009 Ultra 260)

With Ball Joint

Steering Cable Seal Kit

(Fits all Ultra models. Comes with new nut, washer, clip and o-ring. This setup fits both steering and reverse.)

With Ball Joint

Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Ultra 250/260

250/260      $100.00

300/310      $125.00

KP Super High Strength Steering Cable Kit For Kawasaki Ultra 250 260

(Comes with Beefy High Strength Cable, High Strength cable ends, stainless ball Joint, and High strength steering connection.)


Ultra 300/310




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