NEW Ultra 250/260 Cylinders              $1,214.74

Re-plated 250/260                       $589.95

NEW Ultra 300 Cylinders                     $1,194.29

Re-plated 300                              $589.95

NEW Ultra 310 Cylinders                      $1,286.16

Re-plated 300/310                        $589.95

Ultra 250 OEM Piston                                 $61.85

Ultra 250 Aftermarket Piston Kit​               $100.12

Ultra 250 .01mm Oversize Kit                    $150.53

Ultra 250 .02mm Oversize Kit                    $150.53

Ultra 260 OEM Piston                                  $61.87

Ultra 260 .01mm Oversize Kit                    $150.53

Ultra 260 .02mm Oversize Kit                    $150.53

Ultra 260 Aftermarket Piston Kit               $100.12

Ultra 300 OEM Piston                                  $72.20

​Ultra 300/310 Aftermarket Piston Kit        $150.53

Ultra 300/310 .01mm Oversize Kit             $150.53

Ultra 300/310 .02mm Oversize Kit             $150.53

Ultra 310 OEM Piston                                  $72.20

Comes with a set of 4 pistons, and complete upper end gasket set. As pictured above.

Ultra 250/260 9.5:1      $764.95

Ultra 250/260 7.8:1      $864.95

(For 90 Octane, Alaska, Canada etc.)

Ultra 250/260 10.5:1    $764.95

Ultra 300/310 9.5:1      $744.95

Ultra 300/310 7.8:1      $864.95
(For 90 Octane, Alaska, Canada etc.)

Ultra 300/310 10.5:1    $744.95

15F/SXR/Ultra LX 12.5:1     $1,049.99

High Output Lightweight

Forged Pistons

Kawasaki Ultra 250x 260x 300x 310x JE Forged Pistons (MADE IN USA)

(Kawasaki OEM pistons are well known for breaking under load, due to their thin cast design. If you are an everyday rider and want the reliability out of your ski, we recommend upgrading! These pistons will withstand anything you throw at them! Forged and machined from the highest grade aluminum these pistons are specifically designed for high performance and extreme conditions. Drilled oil holes around the pistons provide added lubrication and cooling. The rings are made from some of the highest quality materials that seal perfectly in the Nikasil cylinder. No more GIO issues, plus far superior ring sealing! Can be used with stock connecting rods. We recommend the 9.5:1 as a direct replacement for stock pistons. The 10.5:1 pistons will provide even more power, but we do recommend race fuel for the 300/310's. 93 Octane gasoline can be used with 10.5:1 250/260 pistons, this is temperature dependent. 15F/SXR/Ultra LX pistons come standard in 12.5:1 for direct stock replacement on 93 octane gasoline. For other compression ratios, please contact us! We can make them! Comes with a set of 4 pistons, clips, rings, and pins.)

Replacement Ring Set                                              $27.94/set

(One set is for one piston, fits all models,

STD size.)              

Replacement Snap Ring Set                                     $2.63/set

(One set is for one piston, fits all models)     

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260 86.00 mm  $1,999.95

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 86.00 mm  $1,999.95

15F/SXR/Ultra LX Lightweight Forged 86.00 mm 12.5:1 Compression  $1,999.95

15F/SXR/Ultra LX

83.50 mm Oversize  $864.95

84.00 mm Oversize  $864.95 

​(12.5:1 Compression Standard)


(Cylinders are new OEM. If replacing 300 cylinders, we recommend upgrading with 310 cylinders for better cooling. Re-plated cylinders have been found to last longer and are of higher quality than OEM, please call for availability. A good core required prior to purchase re-plated, if not there is a $375.00 core fee. Any cylinders that need over sizing will not be accepted.

Kawasaki Ultra 250/260

83.50 mm Oversize  $864.95

84.00 mm Oversize  $864.95 

Kawasaki Ultra 300/310

83.50 mm Oversize  $864.95

84.00 mm Oversize  $864.95

Premium KP Forged Oversize Pistons

(Pistons come as a set of four, they come with forged pistons, premium racing rings, high strength snap rings, and high strength pins. Your cylinder bore will need oversizing, you can ship your cylinders in for us to re-plate and oversize. Bigger bores will require more fuel, either by increasing fuel pressure or a fuel tuner. Standard compression is 9.5:1, but these can be made in other compression ratios of your choice at no extra charge. Please contact us if you have questions! 1-3 week lead time.)

Cylinders/ Pistons

KP recommends exclusively using forged pistons on all Ultra's. Rings, pins, clips and pistons are bulletproof when it comes to ultra reliability. Worry no longer! Upgrade to forged today!

OEM Ring Set 250/260           $51.49

OEM Ring Set 300/310          $56.71

Aftermarket STD Ring Set 250/260     $33.32

Aftermarket STD Ring Set 300/310    $33.32

OEM Pin                                $23.60

Aftermarket Pin                      $5.94

OEM Snap Ring ea.                    $2.95

Aftermarket Snap Ring Set     $3.66

Kawasaki Jet ski performance, Repair &  Maintenance 

Cast Pistons/ Oversize Forged/ Replacement

(All pistons do not come with rings, pins or snap rings unless specified. Piston kits come with rings, pin and clips. A piston kit is a set of one. Pins, and snap rings are all interchangeable.)

Kawasaki Big Bore Kit

(Add extra Horsepower to your race machine! Extra fuel needed. Please contact us for details! Comes with pistons, oversize racing head gasket and Big Bore Cylinders. Cylinder core required.)

Top End Rebuild Kit 250/260      $660.00

Top End Rebuild Kit 300/310      $660.00

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